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Mmojo’s Data Marketplace

Mmojo was created to give everyone access to the most exclusive and powerful business data on the planet. With access to more than 20 million US companies and a much larger database of contacts we can help you build and enrich your marketing lists.


DATA Available Within the Data Marketplace:

  • Contacts: B2B Contacts including name, title, email, phone selectable by level, role and department.

  • Technology Attributes: Technology Budget, Staff and Installed Technologies.

  • Company Basic Firmographics: Basic Company information including address, industry, revenue and employees.

  • Company Extended Firmographics: Additional Firmographics beyond Basic including alternate names, phone, geolocation, parent company.

  • Company Extended Address Data: Additional address data including secondary address, cbsa, scf, carrier route and census for direct mail.

  • Merger and Acquisition Activity: Actionable M&A Activity data including companies involved, status, dates and links to articles.

  • Company Classification and Growth Indicators: Company indicators for deeper segmentation and opportunity monitoring.

  • Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): Unique open identifier used to identify the legal entities involved in financial transactions worldwide.

  • National Provider ID (NPI): Unique, open identifier required by HIPAA to identify health care providers, payers and clearinghouses.

  • Social Security Data: Social Security Data by Zip Code.

  • Taxpayer Data by Zip Code: IRS Individual Taxpayer Data by Zip Code.

  • Financials (US Public Companies): Public Company Financial Information and key ratios.

All of the Mmojo magic is made possible by our high quality, technology assisted, company data set of over 20M unique US companies. This is the list that we use to match your companies and the list we use when you need to build your own data from scratch. As educated marketers know, that number covers most all of the companies in the US - both large and small. Attached to that company data set is a supporting data set of high quality contacts organized by title and function - all available for your use.