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List Building

Create company and contact lists from scratch using a comprehensive set of filters such as geo-distribution, size, technology usage, industry classification, corporate indicators, and much more. Also, enrich your data if you already have a list you’d like to append additional information to.



20 million+ US companies (and growing)

All of the mmojo magic is made possible by our high quality, technology assisted, company data set of over 20M unique US companies. As educated marketers know, that number covers most all of the companies in the US - both large and small. Attached to that company data set is a supporting data set of high quality contacts organized by title and function - all available for your use.


We can help you find data for any company or type of company available. Simply use our tool to create a list of companies to target for your next campaign or build a custom report on the industry.

FIND contact data

It’s not just the company you need since most interactions happen between people. That’s why we have such an incredible contact database with emails, phone numbers, addresses, IP Addresses, and so much more to create hyper-segmented group of leads.