ALC and Announce B2B Marketing Data Partnership

ALC B2B Contacts expand Mmojo Application Contacts to Over 80 Million

AUSTIN, Texas – October 10, 2018 – ALC ( and ( announced a partnership that will make ALC data more accessible to SMB sales and marketing professionals by contributing to the B2B contacts available in the Mmojo Data Marketplace, expanding it to approximately 80 million US business contacts. 

“ALC B2B contact data delivers exceptional breadth in company coverage, depth in decision making contacts, segmentation attributes, and concurrent home and business information with the Work:Life audience,” said Fran Green, President of ALC Smart Data Solutions.  “ALC has been curating our B2B audience for over 40 years. It is unparalleled in the industry and has delivered exceptional results for marketers in every vertical.”

“High quality business contacts are the all-important ‘end game’ of any B2B marketing strategy,” noted Hank Weghorst, Founder and Managing Partner. “This is an aspect of Mmojo we are particularly proud of.  With the Mmojo application, it’s easy to do sophisticated company targeting and then specify exactly the types of contacts you are looking for within those companies.  By combining this capability with ALC’s exceptional B2B Work:Life dataset, Mmojo users can access high quality contacts with a few clicks that traditionally have required time, resources and costly services contracts with multiple vendors.”

ALC and the B2B Work:Life Dataset

“We intend to offer additional ALC audiences in the Mmojo Data Marketplace over time,” noted Green.  “We are starting with Work:Life because it is totally unique, providing both scale and accuracy that enables B2B and B2C communications to the same business contact.” 

“The inclusion of the Work:Life Dataset in the Mmojo Data Marketplace is a perfect example of the value of the Mmojo model,” said Weghorst.  “This type of data would typically be difficult to procure and even more difficult to match to business contacts and companies. With Mmojo, this work has already been done and users can just click to append this valuable data to their target companies.” 

A New Model for Accessing B2B Marketing Data

“Our goal with Mmojo was to introduce a new model for how B2B marketing data is sourced, delivered and priced so it would be accessible to SMB marketing and sales professionals and expand the market for premier data providers like ALC,” explained Weghorst. 

Weghorst went on to explain three key aspects of the new model.

  • Sourcing – Mmojo users agree to one simple set of terms and conditions when subscribing to the Mmojo application to gain access to dozens of free and premium datasets from industry leading data providers.  Currently, users must negotiate and enter into separate agreements with each data provider.

  • Delivery – users simply click to append data to companies within their lists - as Mmojo has already cross-referenced each record in the Mmojo Data Marketplace to a company.  Without Mmojo, users must cross-reference data from different data providers themselves.  And when they don’t, their marketing results suffer.

  • Pricing – there is no charge to append and view data products within mmojo.Users pay on a per-record basis, only for the premium data they export, at rates well below SMB industry rates.

Figure 1: The mmojo Data Marketplace provides simple "Click to Append" access to Contacts and other B2B Marketing Data

Figure 1: The mmojo Data Marketplace provides simple "Click to Append" access to Contacts and other B2B Marketing Data




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