Stirista and Announce Partnership to Deliver High-Quality B2B Contacts to the Mmojo Marketing Data Everything Application

Partnership provides Mmojo Application Users with simple access to Stirista B2B Contacts through the Mmojo Data Marketplace.

AUSTIN, Texas – September 11, 2018 – Stirista (, a data-driven marketing agency and solutions provider, and ( have announced a partnership that will make available Stirista’s highly accurate and verified B2B Contacts to Mmojo application users.

"We are excited about our partnership to provide high-quality business contacts in the Mmojo Data Marketplace -- and see it as a way to reach SMB customers and expand our business beyond current channels,” said Ajay Gupta, CEO of Stirista Global. “It was important to us that the Mmojo team was committed to data quality as that is a significant differentiator for our B2B Contacts offering, where we seek to maintain at least 90-percent accuracy. Our U.S. business contact database is cleansed, triple-verified, constantly updated, and smartly segmented by our proprietary software, filters and algorithms."

The mmojo Data Marketplace

The Mmojo Data Marketplace is provided as a service to Mmojo users to streamline the complex efforts required to locate, test, source and negotiate B2B data usage. The Mmojo Data Marketplace presents data products from almost two dozen well-recognized B2B data providers as well as data curated and managed by Mmojo itself.

"The Stirista partnership is a key one for us,” noted Hank Weghorst, Founder and Managing Partner. “Our requirements were for a partner with very high-quality contact data and a commitment to work closely with us to maintain that quality and support integration of those contacts into the Mmojo Data Marketplace. Stirista is a highly regarded company and is a perfect match to these requirements."

Stirista B2B Contacts inside the Mmojo Data Marketplace

The Stirista B2B Contacts data product is now available in the Mmojo Data Marketplace. Users upload or build a list of companies in Mmojo and then simply append the types of contacts they want respectively to each list. Every contact has already been cross referenced by Mmojo and assigned to a specific company.

"Once appended, users can view their contacts and associated contact analytics," Weghorst noted. "The analytics enable Mmojo users to detect gaps by showing total number of contacts, percentage of companies with contacts, and the distribution of contacts by function and title, providing key data intelligence to B2B and SMB sales and marketing organizations."

Simplifying the Selection of the Right Contacts

"Each B2B Contact record includes vanity title, standardized title, department, management level, email addresses, phone numbers, and when available, social and LinkedIn handles,” Gupta said. “We apply proprietary technology and algorithms to capture and validate this information, so our contacts are not only accurate, but easy to segment and filter."

"The ability to easily filter and select specific contacts based on both company and contact attributes is critical to having highly targeted sales and marketing programs," Weghorst said. "The combination of Strista’s dataset and Mmojo software technology makes it easy for Mmojo users to do very sophisticated targeting."


About Strista Global

Stirista Global is a data-driven marketing agency that specializes in creating custom audience segments and executing campaigns via digital, email, and social channels. Our multi-channel marketing approach allows us to evaluate data unlike any other provider, which results in our clients generating real conversions and leads. With some of the most comprehensive real-time databases in the world, Stirista gives a 360-degree view of an individual, getting you in front of the right people through email and online advertising. Our growth and success in six short years has made us a trusted industry leader recognized for its expertise in helping companies acquire new clients.

About’s mission is to use software technology to transform the way businesses work with data. We strive to create a blend between high-quality data and the most current technologies that produce a result most valuable for our customers. For more information and access to a free trial of the Mmojo application, visit


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