DataGraphix and Announce Company Firmographics Dataset Partnership to power Mmojo’s "B2B Marketing Data Everything" Capabilities

Mmojo User Experience greatly simplified by combination of DataGraphix Company Dataset integrated with Mmojo Patent Pending Technologies.

AUSTIN, Texas – September 25, 2018 – DataGraphix ( and ( announced that Mmojo has integrated the DataGraphix Company Firmographics Dataset into the Mmojo Application and Data Marketplace.

"The DataGraphix US company dataset is the result of years of experience collecting and curating company data from a wide range of sources", said DataGraphix Owner and Managing Partner Peter Surprenant. "We were excited to help power the Mmojo application and to get our data into the hands of users outside of larger enterprises. Mmojo’s automation and ease of use will appeal to all users, but particularly those in small and medium sized businesses."

The Mmojo Company Dataset contains detailed firmographic information for over 20 million US companies. "We selected DataGraphix as our Company Dataset partner based on the quality of their dataset and their ability to work closely with us on continuous expansion and improvement," said Hank Weghorst, Founder and Managing Partner at "Since our recent release, we have received a lot of questions about how we have made the user experience so simple to do what have traditionally been very complicated tasks involving teams of both marketing and IT personnel," explained Weghorst. "It is a combination of data and technology. The data element begins with our high-quality US Company Dataset."

The Cross Code – mmojo Automated Cross Referencing and B2B Marketing Data Management

The Mmojo US Company Dataset is bundled in the Mmojo application. Every company in the dataset is uniquely identified by the Mmojo Cross Code which is an identifier that is open and can be freely shared. Users work with Lists of companies they are targeting for specific marketing campaigns using ABM and other marketing strategies. Whether those companies were matched to the Company Dataset on upload or extracted when building a New List, each company carries its Cross Code.

When we incorporate a new dataset into the Mmojo Data Marketplace, we also match each element in that dataset to a specific company and attach the Cross Code", noted Weghorst. "The Cross Code is the key that automates everything for the user including appends from the data marketplace, merging, deduplicating, cross referencing and more."

Patent Pending Technology - Industry Leading Company Matching & New List Creation

"There are a number of innovations within Mmojo, but two key ones are matching and list building", said Weghorst. The Mmojo matching capability uses AI to detect and analyze the columns in uploaded data to match each row to a specific company in the Mmojo US Company Dataset. The list building technology uses the Company Firmographics and other datasets such as technology, contacts and activity indicators to allow for sophisticated company targeting and selection. Without Mmojo, the user would have to accept the cost and limitations of working with one data provider or try to manually cross reference different datasets to specific companies – an error prone, costly and time-consuming process that requires a team of people.

Additional Firmographic Datasets - Deeper Segmentation and Data for Marketing Program Success

"Our US company dataset is much more than basic company, revenue, industry and employee count firmographics," noted Surprenant. "It includes actionable data to segment Companies by various indicators, understand company hierarchy, and support marketing programs ranging from digital marketing to direct mail."

The Mmojo Company Dataset contains basic firmographics including address, industry, revenues, employee count, primary domain and entity type that are included in the Mmojo Application and can be used to build company lists and append to uploaded lists. Additional firmographic information is available in the Data Marketplace and includes the following:

  • Company Extended Firmographics including alternate names, phone, geolocation, parent company.

  • Company Extended Address Data including secondary address, CBSA, SCF, carrier route and census for direct mail.

  • Company Classification and Growth Indicators for deeper segmentation including minority owned, woman owned, small business, franchise and chain classificationss


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