Intelligence360 and Mmojo Announce Partnership to provide “Account Intelligence” data to Mmojo Application Users

AUSTIN, Texas – January 25, 2019 – Intelligence360 ( and Mmojo ( announced a partnership that provides Mmojo users with access to highly valuable account intelligence data to target and research companies based on specific sales triggers. 

“We currently have over 1 Million triggering events covering over $3.1 Trillion in selling opportunities.” said Craig Etkin, President & CEO at  “Our proprietary research process delivers highly accurate & actionable intelligence that helps Mmojo users find and close new business.”

“Identifying target accounts and understanding them in detail so you can put in place specific, effective plans is the cornerstone of successful marketing and sales,” noted Hank Weghorst, Mmojo Founder and Managing Partner. “Intelligence360 event data adds additional depth and capabilities within Mmojo to enable our users to accomplish these two key tasks.”

Mmojo Account Intelligence

Mmojo users have access to an extensive dataset of over 20 million US companies.  From this dataset, Mmojo users can create detailed account intelligence reports using a wide range of data available in the Mmojo Data Marketplace from industry leading data providers.  This data includes detailed, company specific Firmographic, Technology, Buying Intent, and Financial data.  In addition, Mmojo users can find key contacts within these accounts from a set of over 80 million US business contacts.

To this wealth of data, Mmojo has now added Intelligence360 event data which includes type, date, amount and details about the following company specific information:

  • New Office Space

  • Federal Contract Awards

  • Venture Capital investment

  • SBA business loans

 “Top performing sales organizations recognize the need to continuously fill the top of the sales funnel with opportunities and to use account intelligence to narrow down prospecting to those leads most likely to result in closed deals,” noted Etkin.  “Intelligence360 data helps B2B sales and marketing professionals find and research companies who are expanding their real estate footprint, being awarded federal contracts, raising venture capital, or raising debt capital through SBA loans.”

Figure 1: Example of Intelligence360 Account Intelligence Data available within Mmojo

Figure 1: Example of Intelligence360 Account Intelligence Data available within Mmojo


A New Model for Accessing B2B Marketing Data

“Our goal with Mmojo was to introduce a new model for how B2B Marketing Data is sourced, delivered and priced so it would be accessible to SMB Marketing and Sales professionals and at the same time, expand the market for Data Providers like Intelligence360,” explained Weghorst. 

Weghorst went on to explain three key aspects of the new model.

  • Sourcing – Mmojo users agree to one simple set of terms and conditions when subscribing to the Mmojo application to gain access to dozens of free and premium datasets from industry leading data providers.  Without Mmojo, users must negotiate and enter into separate agreements with each data provider.

  • Delivery – Mmojo users simply click to append data to companies within their lists as Mmojo has already cross referenced each record in the Mmojo Data Marketplace to a company.  Without Mmojo, users can’t cross reference data from different data providers to a company resulting in poor data utilization and multiple payments for the same data.

  • Pricing – there is no charge to append Data Products within Mmojo.  Users pay on a per record basis only for the premium data they export at rates well below industry norms.    



About Intelligence360

Intelligence360 publishes data on commercial and government growth activity throughout the United States. Clients use Intelligence360 data to help their sales teams engage buyers at the right time. Every week Intelligence360 publishes thousands of triggering events that open up selling opportunities for Intelligence360 customers.


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